Independent University, Bangladesh
Dr. S N M Azizul Hoque
Dr. S N M Azizul Hoque
Assistant Professor
Department of Physical Sciences,
School of Engineering, Technology and Sciences
Room No: C7012
Email Address:
Phone Number: 2289

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Rajib Saha, Snm Azizul Hoque, M M R Manu, Aminul Hoque

, "Monitoring Air Quality of Dhaka using IoT: Effects of COVID-19", 2021 2nd International Conference on Robotics, Electrical and Signal Processing Techniques (ICREST), DHAKA, Bangladesh, 2021, pp. 715-721, IEEE Xplore , 2021, (Link)

S.N.M.Azizul Hoque, Anik Alvi, Md. Readul Mahmud, Sajib Sakhawat, Mafijul Islam Bhuiyan

, "On the use of directional derivatives of SuperDARN convection flow for estimating open-closed field line boundary during the intervals of substorm activity on 14 October 2001", Polar Science, Elsevier , 2021, (Link)

Md. Mafijul Islam Bhuiyan, S.N.M. Azizul Hoque

, "Flood monitoring and forecasting using SAR and meteorological data: A case study", Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences, Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences , 2020,

SNM Azizul Hoque

, "Satellite Remote Sensing Techniques for Landslides Detection and Mapping: A case study from Manikchari, Chattogram", Gobeshona 6, The Gobeshona Annual Conference 2020, ICCCAD, Independent University, Bangladesh, , 2020, (Link)

Hoque, S. N. M. Azizul; Bhuiyan, Mafijul Islam

, "A case study of flood monitoring and forecasting using SAR and meteorological data", Gobeshona 5, The Gobeshona Annual Conference 2019, ICCCAD, Independent University, Bangladesh, International Center for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) , 2019, (Link)

M. M. R. Manu, Rajib Saha, S. N. M. Azizul Hoque, Aminul Hoque

, "Remote Environmental Data Analysis Using Sounding Rocket", International Journal of Engineering and Technology (IJET), Engg Journals Publications , 2019, (Link)

SNM Azizul Hoque, Mondar Maruf Moin Ahmed, Md. Mafijul Islam Bhuiyan

, "Investigating the rapid deforestation and carbon dioxide release in Bangladesh using geospatial information from remote sensing data", Ecocycles, European Ecocycles Society , 2019, (Link)

S. N. M. Azizul Hoque and Frances Fenrich

, "A New Technique for Understanding Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling Using Directional Derivatives of SuperDARN Convection Flow", Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy, Springer , 2018, (Link)

S.N.M. Azizul Hoque and Tanvir Ahmed

, "Adapting the NeQuick 2 model to GPS derived TEC data at a given location", AIUB Journal of Science and Engineering (AJSE), 15th issue, Vol. 15 No. 1, AJSE , 2016,

Hoque, S.N.M. Azizul

, "Improvement of B2bot correction factor for NeQuick 2 during the high solar activity at Saint Croix", Journal of Advanced Research Design, Vol. 27, Issue 1 (2016) 19-26. ISSN: 2289-7984, Journal of Advanced Research Design , 2016, (Link)

Fenrich, F. and Hoque S. A

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SA Hoque, FR Fenrich

, "Temporal Evolution of the Open-Closed Field Line Boundary Determined Using Superdarn Velocity Gradients", AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, American Geophysical Union , 2011, (Link)

S. A. Hoque, Frances Fenrich

, "Determination and Temporal Evolution of Open-closed Field Line Boundary using SuperDARN", CAP Congress, volume 66, Number 2, June, 2010, pp-59, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, , 2010, (Link)
  1. Project Title: Development of a Geospatial Intelligent System for Flood and Deforestation Monitoring System Over Rural Areas of Bangladesh
    Project Manager: Dr. S N M Azizul Hoque, Md. Mafijul Islam Buiyan
  1. Project Title: Second order effect of spin to periastron shift in Kerr field
    Project Manager: S.N.M. Azizul Hoque, Sajib Sakhawat, S.M. Masruk Uddin, Shafakat Arifeen, S.B. Faruque
  1. Project Title: Development of a Deforestation Monitoring System Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Imageries
    Project Manager: S.N.M. Azizul Hoque, M.M. Ahmed, Md. Mafijul Islam Bhuiyan
  1. Project Title: Development of Landslides Forecasting Model using Satellite Imageries and Advanced Differential Interferometry Synthetic Aperture Radar
    Project Manager: Dr. S N M Azizul Hoque, Jakaria Rabbi, Mafijul Islam Bhuiyan
  1. Project Title: Development of Crop Classification System to Calculate the Yields of Different Crops in Bangladesh Using Satellite Imageries and Machine Learning Techniques
    Project Manager: SNM Azizul Hoque, Jakaria rabbi, Mafijul Islam Bhuiyan
  1. MAT 104 : Calculus and Analytic Geometry
  1. MAT 211 : Probability and Statistics
  1. PHY 100 : Physics for the Next Generation
  1. PHY 101 : University Physics I
  1. PHY 102 : University Physics II
  1. PHY 111 : Physics -I
  1. PHY 121 : Physics -II
  1. PHY 302 : Classical Electrodynamics
  1. PHY 432 : Introduction to Astrophysics
  1. PHY 434 : Atmospheric Physics and Meteorology

A. Teaching and Research Experience

1. Assistant Professor                                                               January 2018 – present

Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)


2. Assistant Professor                                                               April, 2016 – December, 2017

American International University- Bangladesh (AIUB)


3. Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant                      January 2009 - November 2014

Space Physics Research Group, Department of Physics, University of Alberta


4. Lecturer                                                                                               July, 2006 - August 2007

Sylhet International University, Sylhet, Bangladesh


B. Industrial Experience

1. SolidWorks Design Engineer                                                         August 2015 - January 2016

Steelcraft Clemmer Division, Edmonton, AB


2. Technical Support Engineer                                                            August 2014 - April 2015

Fluidseal AB Inc., Edmonton, AB



1. Assistant Professor, American International University- Bangladesh (AIUB)

MODERN PHYSICS: Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Nulcear Power plants (Reactor Physics)

PHY- 1 Mechanics, Properties of Matter and Thermodynamics

PHY- 2 Electricity and Magnetism

PHY- 1 Lab Mechanics, Properties of Matter and Thermodynamics

PHY- 2 Lab Optics, Electricity and Magnetism


2. Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Fluids, Fields and Radiations (PHY 126): Winter 2009, Fall 2013

Fluids and Waves (PHY 146): Fall 2009, Winter 2012, Winter 2014

Particles and Waves (PHY 124): Winter 2010, Fall 2011, Summer 2012

Engineering Physics (PHY 131): Fall 2010, Winter 2011

Electricity and Magnetism (PHY 230): Summer 2014

Introductory Computational Physics (PHY 234): Summer 2013

Mechanics and Thermodynamics (PHY 224): Fall 2013, Winter 2012, Fall 2011

Introduction to Environmental Physics (PHY 271): Winter 2014


3. Lecturer, Sylhet International University, Sylhet, Bangladesh

PHY-101 Mechanics, Properties of Matter, Waves, Optics, Heat and thermodynamics

PHY-103 Electricity and Magnetism, & Modern Physics

PHY-102 Physics Laboratory

PHY-101B Physics for Engineers

PHY-102 Physics Lab

PHY-103B Electromagnetism & Modern Physics


2010-14 American Geophysical Union (AGU), Member.

2009-14 Canadian Association for Physicist (CAP), Member.

2009-14 American Physical Society (APS), Member.

2012-14 Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysics (CSEG) - Member.



2017-18 ICT Innovative Fund, ICT Division, Government of Bangladesh.

2007-08 UNESCO and IAEA Scholarship, The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Italy.


2011- Hibb’s Award from Institute of Geophysical Research (IGR), University of Alberta.




1. Counsellor at large (Elected), Graduate Student Association (GSA) at University of Alberta, 2009-10.

2. GSA representative at the Faculty of Graduate Student Research Policy Review Committee, University of Alberta, 2009-10.

3. University of Alberta Institute for Space Science, Exploration, and Technology (ISSET) Students: Outreach- Vice president- Financial, 2009-10.

4. Member of organization committee, University of Alberta First ISSET Space Symposium, 2010.

6. Astrophysics and Space Physics Representative, University of Alberta Graduate Physics Student Association, 2009-2010

7. Oil-sand Student Delegation, University of Alberta, October 2013.

Responsibilities: Involves a trip to Fort McMurray to explore the complex issues that surround oil sands development in Northern Alberta.

8. Assistant General Secretary (AGS), Shahjalal University of Science and Technology Physics Society, 2003-04.




1. Judge, Annual Science Fair, Aurora Charter School, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA, February 2012.

2. University of Alberta ISSET’s Space Academy – Volunteer assistant to the Organization committee, 2011.

3. Bangladeshi Student Association at University of Alberta (BSAUA), Vice President Entertainment, Successfully raised $3500 fund from Student Group Service (SGS) in July-December 2010.

4. Volunteer at GSA social events (orientation for graduate students), Graduate Student Association at University of Alberta, 2009-10.

5. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology Astronomical Society –  General Secretary (2002-03), Vice president (2004-05), Coordinator (2005-06). Responsible for increasing awareness of space and astronomy.

6. 2004-2005 Sylhet Astronomical Society- Executive member. Organised workshop in Sylhet and SUST.



1. Organised International Physics Study Tour (Shillong -Guahati-Jalpaiguri-Siliguri) in 2005.

2. Participated in senior group of Inter Department Debate Competition, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology Debating, 2004

3. Participated JICA 6th International Cooperation- Related Thesis Contest for University Students, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), August 2003.

4. Stood 3rd in Inter College Debate Competition from Adamjee Cantonment. SOS Hermann Gmeiner College, Mirpur, Dhaka, 1999.


5. Participated third inter class debate competition, Engineering University School, 1997

  • Ph.D. in Space Physics, 2014
    University of Alberta, Canada
  • Post Graduate Degree in Earth System Physics, 2008
    The Abdus Salam ICTP, Italy
  • B.Sc. in Physics, 2006
    Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST), Bangladesh
  • H.S.C, 2000
    Adamjee Cantonment College, Bangladesh
  • S.S.C, 1998
    Engineering University School, Bangladesh