Independent University, Bangladesh
Mr. Salman Khan Promon
Mr. Salman Khan Promon
Lecturer B
Department of Life Sciences,
School of Environment & Life Sciences
Room No: 10007 (C)
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  1. Project Title: Regenerative Medicine, 3D bioprinting, Industrial Microbiology, Prosthesis, Human Machine Interaction, Diagnostics
    Project Manager: Salman Khan Promon
  1. BCB 203 Cell Biology : Cell Biology
  1. BCB 204 : Molecular Genetics
  1. BCB 304 : Recombinant DNA Technology
  1. BCB 305 : MOlecular Biology Lab
  1. BCB 307 : Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering: Concepts and Applications
  1. BCB 308 : Endocrinology
  1. BCB 402 : Student Symposium in Biochemistry
  1. BCB 412 : Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
  1. BIO 100 : Discoveries in Biology
  1. MCB 202 : Microbial Genetics
  1. MCB 204 : Human Physiology
  1. MCB 404 : Analytical Microbiology
  1. MCB 410 : Student Symposium in Microbiology
  1. MCB 450 : Senior Project
  1. MCB 451 : Internship in Microbiology

-Lecturer, Department of Life Sciences, Independent University, Bangladesh (February 2021– Present)
-Lecturer, Biotechnology program, School of Data & Sciences, Brac University (January 2020– January 2021)
-Co-Founder, X-Genomics (A genomics research and service company) (February 2020)
-Co-Founder, STAR Labs BD (Community lab space for Biology, Arts and Engineering ) (December 2019)
-Founder, MECHAMIND (Edu-Tech company) (February 2019)
-COO, Beyond Innovations & Technologies Limited (October 2018- November 2019)
-Graduate Teaching Assistant, Brac University (August 2015 - September 2018)

Awards/ Achievements:
§Global Community Bio Fellowship 2020 led by Abel Cano and Marshall Ganz by Harvard Kennedy School and Community Bio initiative by MIT Media Lab.
§Gap Summit 2020, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK.
§Nick Sanders Kickstarter’ Award 2020, University of Manchester, UK.
§Honorable mention in the “ACT COVID19 Call For Nation Hackathon 2020” for SARS-CoV-2 detection kit development.
§EDGE Foundation ‘Design for Life’ award for designing automatic resuscitator ventilator, 2020.
§Champion, MINDSPARKS 2020, AUST in association with IIT, Roorkee, India.
§Monetary Grant from Dhaka University Microbiology Alumni Association (DUMAA), 2019.
§Global Community Bio Summit 2017, 2018 & 2019-invitation and travel award (MIT Media Lab), Cambridge, MA.
§1st Runner Up of ‘The Geneva Challenge 2018’, Geneva, Switzerland.
§‘Highest Distinction’ (BS in Biotechnology) in Brac University convocation of 2015.
§Vice Chancellor’s & Dean’s Awards for academic excellence (2012-2015).
§‘Reading Competition Award’ by British Council, 2012.
§Farm-Fresh National Intercollege Science Fair Awards (2010 & 2011).
§Recipient of Bangladesh government scholarship for academic excellence, 2006 & 2009.
Memberships/ Involvements:
§Global Community Biosummit, Community Biotechnology Initiative (MIT Media lab, Massachusetts, USA).
§Founding Member at CCRTB (Cancer Care and Research Trust, Bangladesh).
§Founding Member, Fab Lab Society, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
§iGEM Human Practices Committee 2021 (Cambridge, MA, USA)
§Executive Committee Member, Global Network Of Bangladeshi Biotechnologists (GNOBB).
§International Society of Computational Biology (ISCB-RSG-Bangladesh).
§Community of Biotechnology (CoB), Bangladesh.
§Rotarian at Rotary Club Dhaka Mahanagar, Rotary International.
§International Youth Council (IYC), New York, USA.
§Member at The Science Entrepreneur Club, UK, London
§Media Lab Nepal.  

  • M.Sc. in Biotechnology ,
    Brac University
  • B.Sc. in Biotechnology ,
    Brac University