Independent University, Bangladesh
Momtaz Parvin
Momtaz Parvin
Lecturer B
Department of Media and Communication,
School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
Room No: 7007D
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The Journal of Social Studies (Issue: 159, July- September, 2018).

, ""Role of cartoonist Shishir in expressing the social & political discrimination” ", The Journal of Social Studies (Issue: 159, July- September, 2018)., Bangladesh , 2018,

Momtaz Parvin

, " Slogan of an Ad, Child Marriage and Our Mentality ", The Journal for Bangladesh Nari Progoti Shongho (Borsho 13, Issue: 26, July-December 2017) (ISSN 2313-0040), Nari O Progoti , 2017,

Momtaz Parvin

, "Looking behind as a News Producer was published in ", Mass communication & journalism related magazine Madhoom (1st ED Issue 5: Falgun 1416) (Feb: 2010), Bangladesh , 2010,

Momtaz Parvin

, "Role of professional women in cinema: in the context of 2002 ", Yogayog (Issue 7: February 2005), Bangladesh , 2005,
  1. Project Title: “Role of professional women in cinema: in the context of 2002” was published in communication journal Yogayog (Issue 7: February 2005).
    Project Manager: Momtaz Parvin
  1. BDS 109 : Bangladesh 1971-Through the Lenses
  1. CMN 201 : Introduction to Communication
  1. CMN 314 : Depth Reporting
  1. CMN 317 : Newspaper Editing
  1. CMN 318 : TV Reporting
  1. CMN 319 : Radio Reporting
  1. CMN 320 : Newscasting and Announcing
  1. CMN 324 : Art Direction
  1. CMN 414 : Communication Policy and Planning
  1. CMN 418 : Sports reporting
  1. CMN 420 : Development Reporting
  1. LFE 201 : Live in Field Experiences

Ms. Momtaz Parvin received her Master’s and Bachelor of Social Science degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from University of Dhaka respectively in 2003 and 2004. Ms. Momtaz has been serving Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) since 2010 and currently she is teaching as a Lecturer in the Department of Media and Communication, School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, SLASS, IUB. As recognition of her service at IUB, Ms. Momtaz has been awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award 2020 from IUB.


Along with her teaching and research, Ms.Momtaz is also actively involved in IUB Theatre Club as a coordinator for last 10 years. Before joining IUB she has worked both electronic and print media as a sub editor and assistant news producer more than six years’. Ms. Momtaz has published 4 papers in peer reviewed social studies journals and worked as a team member of two international social science conferences organized by SLASS held in IUB. Ms. Momtaz taught both major and foundation courses in the department of Media and Communication.

Area of Interest for research : influence and role of main stream and social media, recent up gradation of broadcast journalism, online journalism, women empowerment and check and balance in media, PCR controlling, newsroom management, trends in news based program production.


Teaching Excellence Award'20

  • M.S.S. , Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, 2005
    Dhaka University