Independent University, Bangladesh
Vikarun Nessa
Vikarun Nessa
Lecturer B
Department of English and Modern Languages,
School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
Room No: 8005
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vikarun Nessa

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Vikarun Nessa

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Vikarun Nessa

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Vikarun Nessa

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Vikarun Nessa

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Vikarun Nessa

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  1. ENG 405 : South Asian Fiction in English
  1. ENG 413 : Classics in Translation
  1. ENG 416 : Women and Literature
  1. ENG 516 : Postcolonial Readings of Literature
  1. ENG 526 : Contemporary South Asian Literature in English
  1. ENG 535 : Race and Racism

Lecturer (B), Department of English and Modern Languages, IUB, from 2018 till present.

  • MA in English, 2011
    University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • BA in English, 2010
    University of Dhaka, Bangladesh