Independent University, Bangladesh
Dr. Sabrina Moriom Elias
Dr. Sabrina Moriom Elias
Assistant Professor
Department of Life Sciences,
School of Environment & Life Sciences
Room No: C8007
Email Address:
Phone Number: 2630

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Journal Paper,
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Ahmad Shamsul Islam (Editor), Mustak Ibne Ayub, Sabrina M. Elias, Sumaiya Farah Khan (Subeditors),
(The title can be translated as: “Principles of heredity and genetic engineering” A text book written in Bangla Language for undergradua

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  1. Project Title: Functional genomics study for development of Salt tolerant rice plant using overexpression and CRISPR/Cas9 based silencing strategy
    Project Manager: Sabrina M Elias
  1. Project Title: Designing and validating RT-LAMP assay for SARS-Cov2 detection followed by biosensor integration.
    Project Manager: Involved as Research Collaborator in the project owned by Prof. Zeba Islam Seraj (DU) and Dr. Gita Soraya
  1. Project Title: Biofilm formation ability of microbial community: Friends or Foes
    Project Manager: Sabrina M Elias, Tasnim Zuairia, Shahina Ansary
  1. Project Title: Computational Characterization of genes involved in conferring abiotic stress tolerance
    Project Manager: Sabrina M Elias, Famia Farhin, Naushin Khan, Sharmin Sultana
  1. Project Title: Genetic diversity analysis of Bangladeshi Rice varieties
    Project Manager: Sabrina M Elias, Richard Malo, Habibul Bari, Farzana Chowdhury
  1. Project Title: Identification of salt tolerance determinants in rice using genomics and quantitative genetics
    Project Manager: Sabrina M ELias, Talima Haque, Samsad Razzaque, Sazzadur Rahman, Zeba Seraj et al.
  1. Project Title: Effect of Nanoparticles on rice growth and salt tolerance
    Project Manager: Sabrina Elias, Shimanto Chakrabarty
  1. BCB 203 : Cell Biology (BSc in Biochemistry and Biotechnology Program)
  1. BCB 207 : Biochemistry Lab (BSc in Biochemistry and Biotechnology Program)
  1. BCB 303 : Experimental design, Research Method and Biostatistics (BSc in Biochemistry and Biotechnology program)
  1. BCB 305 : Molecular Biology Lab
  1. BCB 306 : Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics (BSc in Biochemistry and Biotechnology program)
  1. BCB 309 : Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology (BSc in Biochemistry and Biotechnology program)
  1. BCB 407 : Microbial Biotechnology (BSc in Biochemistry and Biotechnology Program)
  1. BCB 450 : Senior Projects (BSc in Biochemistry and Biotechnology Program)
  1. BIO100 : Discoveries in Biology (Foundation course)
  1. BTC515 : Advanced Biochemistry (Masters in Bioinformatics and Biotechnology program)
  1. BTC525 : Introduction to Bioinformatics (Masters in Bioinformatics and Biotechnology program)
  1. BTC530 : Methods in Biostatistics (Masters in Bioinformatics and Biotechnology Program)
  1. BTC535 : Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory (Masters in Bioinformatics and Biotechnology Program)
  1. BTC585 : Genomics (Masters in Bioinformatics and Biotechnology Program)
  1. BTC590 : Master's Thesis (Masters in Bioinformatics and Biotechnology Program)

Academic Positions

o Assistant Professor (September 2018 onwards), Department of Life Sciences, School of Environment and Life Sciences, Independent University, Bangladesh

For Undergraduate Biochemistry and Biotechnology discipline, Teaches Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology (BCB309), Genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics (BCB306),  Experimental  design, Research Method and Biostatistics (BCB303), Cell biology (BCB 203), Biochemical Techniques Laboratory (BCB207), Molecular Biology Labs (BCB305), Mentoring students in lab based and bioinformatics senior project thesis (BCB450)

For Masters in Bioinformatics and Biotechnology discipline, Teaches, Genomics (BTC585), Methods in Biostatistics (BTC530), Introduction to Bioinformatics (BTC525), Advanced Biochemistry (BTC515), Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory (BTC535), Mentoring students in lab based and bioinformatics Master’s Thesis (BTC590)

o Adjunct Faculty: (2020 session), Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Teaches, Computer basics and Data Analysis (BMB252) focusing on fundamentals of computer programming for biologists

o Course designer and lecturer: The Centre for Bioinformatics Learning Advancement and Systematics Training (cBLAST): First online bioinformatics course in Bangladesh. Course prepared for module C6: Unix and Linux for bioinformatics and module c14: NGS data analysis

Research Positions

o Postdoctoral research associate (February 2018 to September 2018)
Plant Biotechnology Laboratory, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Dhaka
As a bioinformatician - Next generation sequence (NGS) data and high throughput image data analysis, manuscript preparation,

o Graduate Research Student (Ph.D.) (June 2013 to January 2018)

o International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Los Banos, The Philippines
Dr. Abdelbagi Ismail’s group in Genetic engineering and Biotechnology department, IRRI
    o Comparative sequence analysis of multiple rice landrace whole genomes for salt tolerant allele mining.
o The University of Nebraska Lincoln, Lincoln, NE, USA
Dr. Harkamal Walia’s group in Department of Agronomy and Horticulture
    o High-throughput automated image phenotyping experience conducting the phenotyping of rice breeding line in Nebraska Innovation Campus (NIC).
    o Analysis of RGB, Fluorescent, IR, NIR image data for trait development and biological interpretation.
    o Analysis of microarray and RNAseq data for rice and wheat genome.
o University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, USA
Dr. Thomas Juenger’s group in Department of Integrative Biology
    o Experience in library preparation for next generation sequence analysis e.g RADseq and RNAseq library preparation
    o Bioinformatics analysis of NGS data (e.g ddRAD and RNASeq data),
    o Expression QTL analysis and functional analysis of the data in rice breeding line.
o University of Dhaka (DU), Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dr. Zeba I. Seraj’s group in Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB)
    o Manual phenotyping of rice breeding lines with facilities from Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI).
    o Growing plants in hydroponic system for differetial salt screening for  molecular analyses and statistical analysis of the data.

o Research Associate, (December 2011 to May 2013)

University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Plant Biotechnology Laboratory under the projects of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (BAS) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
    o Gene Expression Analysis of OsNHX1 transcripts,
    o Cloning and transformation of OsSPL1 gene in rice which is related to ideal plant architecture
    o Evolutionary genetics analysis of rice landraces
    o Mentoring and trouble-shooting in graduate student projects in the plant biotechnology laboratory, DU.

o Occupational Trainee (June 2011 to November 2011)

Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, JCSMR, Computational Proteomics Group with Dr. Jill Gready
    o Sequence and computational structure analysis of Rubisco and Rubisco Activase gene and their proteins in different species of Australian rice.

o Bioinformatician (January 2011 to May 2011)

Bangladesh Jute Research Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Basics and Applied Research on Jute (BARJ) under the supervision of Dr. Maqsud ul Alam
    o Functional annotation of putative genes and pathway analysis of Jute genome.
    o Comparative analysis of Jute transcriptome dataset.
    o Technology transfer to agriculturist by providing guidance for computational analysis of large genome data.

o Molecular Biologist and Bioinformatician (January, 2010 to December, 2010)

SwapnaJaatra Work Station, Data-soft System, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Jute Genome Sequencing project under the supervision of Dr. Maqsud ul Alam, funded by Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh
    o Planning and designing of bioinformatics tools to be used and solution for the NGS project.
    o Analysis of NGS data for sequence assembly and annotation of Jute genome.
    o Analysis of organelle genome of Jute.
    o Pathway analysis, establishing and customizing genome browser.

o Research Associate (September, 2009 to December, 2009)

University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Plant Biotechnology Laboratory, BAS-USDA-PALS project
    o Northern and Southern blot analysis of OsNHX1. Quantitative expression analysis of PDH45 genes in rice transgenic lines.
    o Development and maintenance of the MySQL based database “READS” along with web interface, customization of Genome browser (

o Research Fellow (June, 2009 to August, 2009)

Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR) Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST), Khandakar Mukarram Hossain Research fellowship
    o Protein distillation, Starch analysis, Amylose, Sugar and Fibre content measurement in food.

o  Research Associate (September, 2008 to May, 2009)

University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh, BAS-USDA PALS project in Plant Biotechnology Laboratory
    o Evolutionary biology and domestication of rice specified on Red pericarp colored gene analysis, SSR genotyping and sequencing.

o  Research Student (June 2007 to August 2008)

University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh Collaboration with Center for Advanced Research in Sciences (CARS) and Plant Biotechnology Laboratory, BMB, DU
    o Genetic diversity analysis through microsatellite fingerprinting.
    o Sequence analysis, sample preparation for Sanger sequencing and using the sequencer ABI3730.

Invited Talks in Seminar:

o Deciphering a rice landrace using omics tools for the breeding of salt-tolerant elite varieties, seminar arranged by the Bayer Crop Science, USA, 2020
o Exploring the hidden gems for salt tolerant determinants using Omics tools webinar arranged by the Bio-bio1 bioinformatics discussion group, Bangladesh, 2020
o Statistical Analysis: Authentic use of Data for Scientific Research, webinar arranged by National young Academy of Bangladesh, 2020

Other Activities:

o Training and consultation activities (Voluntary) (during time of emergency) in COVID-19 detection by Real time RT-PCR in different Medical Colleges, including DMC, SSMC, AFIP, DU-CARS, BADAS-BGMEA COVID-19 Diagnosis Lab etc. (2020)

o Acting as Secretary (in charge) and treasurer of National Young Academy of Bangladesh (NYAB) and EC member of Global Network of Bangladeshi Biotechnologists (GNOBB) and Agami Education Foundation.

o Reviewer of journal articles for BMC Genetics, Frontiers in Plant Science, Frontiers in Genetics, Heliyon, STOTEN (Elsevier), Bio Protocol, Physiologa Plantarum etc.

o Actively involved as Member secretary in organizing International Poster Presentation Competition (IPPC2020) and the 4 th IPFS-ICBHA-2019 conference organized by Global Network of Bangladeshi Biotechnologists, November 2019.

Workshop Conductance

o Experience in conducting workshop on CRISPR-Cas9 as a resource person on the occasion of 4 th IPFS-ICBHA-2019 conference organized by Global Network of Bangladeshi biotechnologists (GNOBB), 10 th November, 2019.

o Experience in organizing and demonstrating hands-on training in workshops on behalf of cBLAST,  “Protein sequence to structure” for the faculty members and graduate
students at Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the University of Dhaka along with other expert resource persons, from 15 th to 17 th April 2018

o Experience in organizing and demonstrating hands-on training on Next-generation Sequencing-based library preparation and bioinformatics analysis in Dr. Thomas Juenger’s lab at the University of Texas at Austin.

o Experience in taking lectures on bioinformatics in the technology transfer sessions of Jute Genome Project for the agriculture background researchers, dated January 2011 to May 2011.

o Experience as an instructor in the Dhaka University Science Society summer camp.

Workshop and Conference Attendance

o 2019: 6 th International Conference on Natural Science and Technology (ICNST) 2019, Asian University of Woman, Bangladesh)
o 2018: 3 rd International Symposium on Innovations in Plant and Food Sciences (December , 2018, invited speaker)
o 2018: 6 th International south Asian biosafety conference, SABC, 2018
o 2018: Phenome 2018, Tucson, Arizona, USA, held on February 14-17 2018.
o 2018: Workshop on Digital Phenotyping, Phenome 2018, Tucson, held on 13 th and 14 th February, 2018
o 2017: 3 rd International Conference of Biotechnology on Health and Agriculture, 2017, arranged by GNOBB, December 2017.
o 2017: Plant Genomes & Biotechnology: From Genes to Networks, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), USA. (November, 2017)
o 2017: CSHL bioinformatics workshop, November 2017 (CSHL)
o 2017: Workshop on Transforming rice breeding: cutting edge breeding approaches, arranged by IRRI Bangladesh (October, 2017)
o 2017: International Conference on Genomics, Nanotech, and Bioengineering, North South University, Bangladesh, (May 2017)
o 2017: Basic Experimental Design and Data Analysis, IRRI short training courses, IRRI, The Philippines (March 2017)
o 2016: DUBANA scientific conference, Austin, TX, USA (August 2016)
o 2016: 2nd South Asian Biotechnology Conference-2016, Dhaka, Bangladesh
o 2015: Holland Computing Centre Data Carpentry workshop, University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA (2015)
o 2015: Plant and Animal Genome Conference, PAG-XXIII, 2015, San Diego, USA
o 2014: World food prize, Des Moines, Iowa, USA, 2013 and 2014 as an MBBISP fellow
o 2014: Workshop on Career Adaptability: How to set yourself up for a changing professional environment in ASPB meeting, 2014.
o 2014: American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) meeting, 2014, Portland, Oregon, July 2014.
o 2014: BGRI 2014 technical workshop and Borlaug Summit 2014  Obregon, Mexico, March, 2014
o 2014: Leadership workshop arranged by Tero International, October, 2013 and October 2014
o 2013: 19th Islamic Academy of Science Conference, 2013, Dhaka, Bangladesh
o 2012: 10th International Symposium on Rice Functional Genomics, 2012, Thailand.
o 2012: 13th FAOBMB congress and young scientist program, 2012, Thailand.
o 2012: BioVision Alexandria Conference 2012, Alexandria, Egypt
o 2011: Chemical safety, Biological safety and Gene Technology Course, 2011, JCSMR, Australian National University, Australia.
o 2009: Rice Annotation Project 6 (RAP6) workshop, 15th November, 2009.12
o 2009: 6th International Rice Genetics Symposium and 7thInternational Symposium on Rice Functional Genomics The Philippines.
o 2008: GCP training workshop on Marker-assisted Breeding for Bangladesh with collaboration of IRRI, BRRI, BINA and Dhaka University. 2008
o 2008: International Symposium on Regulatory and Safety issues in the Commercialization of Biotechnology Research in the Developing World.2008

o 2019: Training workshop on “Genome Editing for the Development of Climate Resilient Novel Blast Resistant Wheat Variety”, 25 th February, BSMRAU, Gazipur, Bangladesh
o 2019: Workshop on Outcome-based Education and Curriculum by Institutional Quality Assurance Cell, Independent University, Bangladesh, 14 th February, 2019
o 2018: Annual BAPTC&B Conference, 2018, Ishordi, Pabna, Bangladesh
o 2013: BSBMB Conference, 2013, Chittagong, Bangladesh
o 2012: BSBMB Conference 2012, Rajshahi, Bangladesh,
o 2011: 3rd YoungBB congress, Sylhet, Bangladesh
o 2010: 6th international Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology Conference held on 3rd to 5th December 2010, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
o 2007: Conference on Promotion of Biotechnology in Bangladesh: National and International perspective, 2007 at Sasakawa Auditorium, ICDDR, B, Dhaka

Professional Membership:

Global Young Academy (GYA) (Selected for membership)

National Young Academy of Bangladesh (NYAB) Founding member, (Secretary, Acting Treasurer )

TWAS Young Affiliates Network (TYAN)

Global Network of Bangladeshi Biotechnologists (GNOBB) (Executive Committee Member)

American Society for Plant Biologists (ASPB ) (Member)

Bangladesh Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BSBMB)(Member)

Bangladesh Association of Plant Tissue culture and biotechnology (BAPTCB) (Member)

Graduate Biochemist Association (GBA)

AGAMI Education Foundation

Previously attached with :

Dhaka University Biochemist Association in North America (DUBANA)
Association of Fellows, Scholars, Trainees, and Residents of IRRI (AFSTRI)
Bangladesh Student Association, University of Neraska Lincoln (BSA-UNL)


2021: The World Academy of Science (TWAS) young Affiliateship

2020: Awarded the Beachelle Borlaug Impact Award 2020 for contribution after PhD.

2019: Special recognition for contribution in organizing the 4th IPFS-ICBHA-2019 conference organized by Global Network of bangldeshi biotechnologists, November 2019.

2019: As the Principal Investigator, The World Academy of Science (TWAS) research grant award, November 2019

2018: As a PhD student, 1st prize in the lightening oral session of 6 th International south Asian biosafety conference, 2018

2018: As a PhD student, Travel award grant for attending Phenome 2018 meeting, Tucson, Arizona, USA, February, 2018

2017: As a PhD student, 1st runner up in Lightening Oral (Agriculture), 3 rd International Conference of Biotechnology on Health and Agriculture, 2017, GNOBB, Bangladesh 2017.

2017: As a PhD student, 1st prize in plant genomics section for the best Poster presenter award, International Conference on Genomics, Nanotech and Bioengineering, North South University, Bangladesh, 2017

2013: Selected for Monsanto’s Beachell-Borlaug International Scholars Program 2013, Round 5, for pursuing the Ph.D. study.

2013: Best Poster presenter award, BSBMB conference, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh, January 2013

2012: Selected for Young Scientist Program fellowship in FAOBMB congress 2012, Thailand

2012:Selected as TWAS/BVA.NXT 2012 fellow, April 2012, Alexandria, Egypt

2011: Fellowship for undertaking Occupational Training, June 2011, ANU College of Medicine and Biology, Australian National University, Australia.

2009: Participation with accommodation Grant from IRRI and a travel grant from USDA to participate in the 6th International Rice Genetics Symposium held on November 2009 in The Philippines.

2009: Khandakar Mukaram Hossain Research fellowship by Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR),

2007: Rokeya Hall Scholarship for excellent result in BSc,

1999: Bangladesh Government Scholarship for excellent result in SSC, 1999

1993: Primary School Talent pool Scholarship from Bangladesh Government, 1993

  • PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, (Plant genomics, genetics and bioinformatics), 2018
    University of Dhaka (In collaboration with University of Nebraska Lincoln, University of Texas at Austin and International Rice Research Institute
  • MSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2008
    University of Dhaka
  • BSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2007
    University of Dhaka
  • HSC (Sciences group), 2001
    Holycross College
  • SSC (Science Group), 1999
    Holy cross Girls' High School