Independent University, Bangladesh
Mahmud Hasan Khan, Ph.D.
Mahmud Hasan Khan, Ph.D.
Department of English and Modern Languages,
School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
Room No: BC8008; SCMLE: 9005 (E), DMK Building
Email Address:
Phone Number: SCMLE: 3900

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  1. ELT 504 : Current Issues in English Language Teaching
  1. ELT 508 : ELT Research Methodology
  1. ELT401 : Research Methodology
  • PhD in Linguistics, 2016
    Macquarie University, Sydney
  • PhD in English Language Studies, 2007
    IIUM, Kuala Lumpur
  • MA in Linguistics, 2003
    IIUM, Kuala Lumpur
  • MA in English (Literature), 1998
    Jahangirnagar University
  • BA in English (Literature), 1996
    Jahangirnagar University