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Mohammed Sohel Islam
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School of Business & Entrepreneurship
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Mohammed Sohel Islam and Zakia Binte Jamal

, "Impact of Social Media on Impulse Buying Behavior: A study of Bangladeshi Consumers” – on 29th April, 2020 ", The International Conference on E-Education, E-Business, E-Management and E-Learning (IC4E) at Bali Indonesia by the co-author., , 2020,

Mohammed Sohel Islam


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Mohammed Sohel Islam and Zakia Binte Jamal

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Mohammed Sohel Islam

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Mohammed Sohel Islam

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Mohammed Sohel Islam

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Mohammed Sohel Islam

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  1. Project Title: Impact of brand association on brand loyalty in COVID-19 pandemic: A study on the customers of banking sector in Bangladesh
    Project Manager: Mohammed Sohel Islam, Zakia Binte Jamal
  1. Project Title: “Should I Risk it or Click it?” - Analyzing Consumer Attitude Towards Online Grocery Stores in Bangladesh during COVID-19
    Project Manager: Mohammed Sohel Islam and Abul Khair Jyote
  1. Project Title: Impact of Social media on impulse buying behavior: A study on Bangladeshi consumers
    Project Manager: Mohammed Sohel Islam and Zakia Binte Jamal
  1. BUS 485 : Business Research and Methodology
  1. MKT 481 : Consumer Behavior
  • MBA in Marketing, 1999
    Assumption University, Thailand
  • BBA in Marketing, 1995
    Assumption University, Thailand